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Post-Conviction Relief in Georgia


If you thought that all attorneys were the same when you or your loved one hired a lawyer at the beginning of your criminal case, don’t make the same mistake in hiring a post-conviction relief attorney. All attorneys are not the same, and all attorneys will not commit the time and effort necessary to actually advance your post-conviction relief efforts.

Post-conviction relief in Georgia can take the form of many different processes and procedures. Post-conviction relief can take the form of an appeal from an adverse rule or verdict, a motion for new trial, a motion to lessen the sentence, or efforts to present more a more compelling case to the Georgia Board of Pardons and Paroles. What form post-conviction relief in Georgia takes is largely dictated by the alleged error, if any, committed by the Court or prior attorneys, the facts of the underlying case, our client’s background, and, of course, the goals of our client.

One of the foremost concerns/complaints expressed by clients and their families who have retained other attorneys for post-conviction relief efforts in Georgia is the lack of communication from the lawyers. This will not be a concern in your dealings with The Sessions Law Firm. We will promptly return your calls and provide you with updates regarding the efforts undertaken in your case. It must be understood that there can be substantial delays and times in which nothing seems to be happening in post-conviction relief matters in Georgia; however, at the very minimum, you and your family deserve to know what work has been done.


Can a motion for new trial be amended?

Yes, a motion for new trial can be amended. An amendment to a motion for new trial may be allowed at any time before the motion is finally disposed of.  Tifton, T. & G. Ry. Co. v. Chastain122 Ga. 250, 50 S.E. 105 (1905).




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