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Selecting a Criminal Defense Lawyer: The Importance of a Limited Caseload

I rarely talk about how what types of things people should look for in selecting a criminal defense lawyer. The reason why I rarely talk about this is simple: people are so bad at choosing lawyers, particularly criminal defense lawyers, that I figure it is just a waste of breath. Generally speaking, people are suckers for radio personalities, flashy websites, and “larger than life” personalities. The market for criminal defense lawyers is really no different. A radio personality, flashy website, and larger-than-life personality aren’t exactly in the top 5 of the traits I would look for in a successful advocate and criminal defense trial attorney. Yet, these people seem to dominate the market for criminal defense lawyers.

Lawyers, particularly criminal defense lawyers, need to be real people. Criminal defense lawyers deal with real problems. Frequently, our clients are alleged to have caused serious harm to other people. Frequently, we, as criminal defense lawyers, need to be able to stand in front of 6 or 12 jurors or a Judge and have those people rely upon our (criminal defense attorneys) view of the world — to trust us when we say the government’s evidence isn’t enough or to rely upon the evidence that we put forward in mitigation. The problem is that being a hell of an advertiser doesn’t have anything to do with those skills that are the most important for a criminal defense lawyer.

Here is the other problem, though. The criminal defense law practice is still a business. Lawyers all want to make more money, and most lawyers operate under the assumption that in order to make money, they need more clients. However, there is a limit at which more clients means less essential service to existing clients. It’s a struggle that has always existed.

One of the constant struggles that most good criminal defense lawyers face is when to turn away a potential client. That is the management of caseload, and it directly influences the ability of the lawyer to devote more time to the existing clients that he/she has. With fewer clients, the lawyer will presumably commit more time and effort to the case.

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