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Choosing a DUI Lawyer and Coping With Uncertainty


There is a common misconception among some people that lawyers are merely commodities, and that lawyers don’t really make a positive difference in the outcome of the case. Much to the chagrin of many of my colleagues, I would tend to agree with this proposition in most cases. (I’ll explain what I mean by that just shortly.) However, there is clearly a class of cases in which the lawyer that you select will make a difference: if you absolutely cannot tolerate a DUI conviction, if you have a prior DUI conviction, if you are charged with vehicular homicide based upon a DUI charge, or if you face a serious injury by vehicle charge, the lawyer that you select will make a tremendous difference in the outcome of the case. When I say that a certain class of DUI lawyer will make a difference in the outcome of these categories of cases, I am working from the assumption that there is uncertainty in the resolution of cases, and contrary to what many people say and think – even in cases involving blood or breath tests, cases in “easy” jurisdictions, and in jurisdictions with “no reduction” policies – there is a tremendous amount of uncertainty in the way that these DUI cases are concluded.

Your DUI Lawyer Will Affect the Result in Your Case: Whether That Change Will Be Good or Bad Is Solely Dependent Upon the Lawyer You Choose

Good DUI lawyers earn their reputation (and money) changing (positively affecting) the result in your case. If you believe that our system is one in which every case is resolved by some back room deal, I can affirmatively say that I am not your lawyer. Many of my client’s charge are dismissed or reduced prior to a formal hearing or a trial based upon negotiations, but those negotiations are based upon work, effort, and my willingness to try almost any DUI case in my office. Negotiations are not based upon a slap on the back and a wink and a nod between a defense lawyer and a prosecutor. If a lawyer is willing to tell you that his relationship with a certain prosecutor will help you “get a deal,” wouldn’t one think that same relationship limit might limit his willingness to aggressively pursue a trial and a legal advantage if negotiations fail? What if the prosecutor suggested to such a lawyer that a deal could not be made in your case, but if the lawyer entered a guilty plea to DUI in your case, the lawyer would be helped in another “important” case? The very best DUI lawyers earn their money by defending cases in an honorable manner through the legal process. I have a very good professional relationship with many prosecutors, and many are – in turn – willing to offer favorable resolutions to my clients, but those results have been earned. Those prosecutors know that I am prepared on each and every case, and I am willing to try the DUI case if necessary.

Accepting Uncertainty in Your DUI Case

Once you accept that there is uncertainty in your DUI case and you understand that your DUI lawyer can affect the outcome of your case, you will be in a much better mindset to cope with your pending charge. Understanding that the outcome of the case can change throughout the case (perhaps over months or even years) and even up to the point of a jury verdict, you will gain patience but it will also drive you to engage in steps to mitigate any possible sentence and it will drive you to actively engage in an necessary assistance in the development of a defense to your charge. Patience is necessary, but positive action is also very helpful in many DUI cases.

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