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Georgia DUI – EtG Testing

Ethyl Glucuronide test (ETG) is a non-volatile, water-soluble diret metabolite of ethanol, showing a high storage stability. It is one of the fastest emerging biomarkers for alcohol consumption.

We are seeing an increasing number of DUI probation violations based upon EtG testing. Most state or manufacturer toxicologists will testify that a level of Ethyl glucuronide (ETG) greater than 100 ng/mL suggests that the defendant has consumed alcohol orally. There is a substantial amount of scientific literature that suggests that this arbitrary cut-off is, quite simply, too low. Detection of EtG does not mean that the level is physiologically significant. We cannot safely assume anything simply because the process can detect EtG in a sample. Ethyl glucuronide and ethyl sulfide are two non-oxidative metabolites of ethanol which can be detected in urine much longer than ethanol. Monitoring them in alcohol abstinence programs gives an indication whether or not a person has used ethanol. There is controversy in the scientific literature as to what a cut-off level should be to absolutely indicate recent oral alcohol use. Many over-the-counter pharmaceutical products, hand-sanitizers, etc. contain alcohol and may produce a result misinterpreted as significant in an EtG test.

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