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5 Benefits of Hiring an Atlanta DUI Lawyer That Knows How to Fight

We truly believe that actively litigating/challenging/fighting DUI cases benefits each of our clients. Below are just a handful of the benefits from having a lawyer that is experienced in challenging Atlanta DUI cases:

  1. What if your lawyer understood the law, the process, and the State’s evidence so well that the evaluation of possible alternatives in your Atlanta DUI case did not simply come down to “how you look on the video”? – All too frequently, lawyers simply evaluate DUI cases based upon a breath test slip, blood test result, or how a person “looks on the video”. This sort of simplistic approach may be fine for some clients and acceptable to some lawyers, but it simply is not good enough for us. There are multiple procedural issues and challenges that can be raised in DUI cases. The number and types of challenges is limited only by creativity and knowledge of Georgia DUI law.
  2. If your Atlanta DUI lawyer regularly challenges DUI cases, he/she will have access to prosecutors that lawyers without a proven track record simply will not. – If your lawyer regularly fights Atlanta DUI charges, you will benefit from the lawyer’s increased access and communication with the prosecuting attorney. Prosecutors know our reputation for fighting DUI cases and, therefore, they are more willing to spend time attempting to resolve cases favorably for our clients.
  3. If the attorney handling your Atlanta DUI case understands the process, less of your time will be wasted. – Nothing is more laughable and disappointing than lawyers that do not understand the simplest aspects of the process for prosecuting DUI cases in Atlanta. The time wasted from unnecessary appearances or simply being too lazy to ask questions about the process can be avoided by hiring an Atlanta DUI lawyer that knows the process.
  4. If your Atlanta DUI attorney understands the process, you will know what you need to prepare for. You will know whether an expert witness (and the required expense for such a witness) is likely to be necessary.
  5. If your Atlanta DUI attorney isn’t learning the process in your case, more time can be committed to the actual defense of your case. The realities of criminal cases are this: your lawyer only has a limited amount of time he/she can commit to the defense of your case. If the lawyer wastes time learning about the court process, that time will not be committed to defending your case.

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