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A large part of obtaining a fair recovery for you involves effectively conveying the effect of your car accident on your life. One of the largest parts of most car accident cases and personal injury cases, in general, is pain and suffering. Unfortunately, many personal injury lawyers attempt to make pain and suffering a very mechanical number. For example, often times you will hear car accident lawyers say that pain and suffering is calculated as a multiple of your “special damages” which are typically your medical expenses and/or lost wages. Many car accident attorneys mistakenly fix pain and suffering damages at one and a half to three times special damages. Certainly, in some cases, that range of pain and suffering measurement might be fair; however, what if you have exceptional circumstances in your life that greatly increase the amount of pain and suffering damages that you should receive? What if your car accident lawyer was unwilling to break out of the traditional mold in assessing and arguing your damages in your case.

Our car accident attorneys understand that there is no “one size fits all” formula for calculating the damages required to make our clients whole again. At The Sessions Law Firm, we take the time to get to know our clients and their lives, so that we can effectively convey the effects of the car accident upon our client’s life. If you want a car accident attorney in Macon, Georgia, call The Sessions Law Firm.



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