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The relationship between personal injury lawyers and professional organizations must be reevaluated. There are a good number of attorneys that read our blog posts, so I think we should spend some time discussing personal injury lawyer and professional organizations. So often in lawyer marketing materials – both within and outside of the personal injury practice area – we see lawyers that that claim to be a top-rated personal injury lawyer, a SuperLawyer, a best and brightest lawyer under 40, etc. Most lawyers recognize that these “honors” are not worth the paper they are written on, and many members of the public are duped into believing that these “accolades” actually mean something. Unfortunately, many personal injury lawyers have perpetuated these myths and they have even tricked a few younger lawyers.

So, we should all recognize that professional organizations are for learning practice skills and becoming and helping others become better personal injury attorneys. If you’re in it for marketing, get out. It has become all the craze these days for lawyers to spend practically all of their time traveling around the country seeking referrals from other lawyers. There are even lawyers that we see that are invited to talk about how they travel around asking other lawyers for business. What a sham!

But, you may ask: who is hurt by this sort of effort? That is simple enough: The clients that the lawyer fooled into hiring them because they were an expert. Little did the client know, the lawyer was only an expert in shaking referrals out of other lawyers.

Referral development may be a collateral benefit, but direct business development should never be the goal. If you are a member of an organization which appears to be driven by people seeking business as opposed to educating other lawyers or shaping policy and you are not among the chosen few, consider whether your continued involvement is worth your time and involvement.

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