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One of the most frequent concerns that clients express to us is over how their medical bills will be paid after their car accident.

After you have been in an auto accident you may be wondering how your medical expenses will be paid. Far to often, people fall victim of to a trick played by medical providers to overcharge for medical care and then collect their profits from the pain and suffering settlements of their patients. You deserve all the money that has been awarded to you following an automobile accident. No lawyer should allow their client’s settlement to be poached by greedy healthcare providers. Luckily there is a strategy that will save your settlement from being unjustly reduced by medical providers, that strategy is to file your settlement with your health insurance rather than your auto insurance. Far to often, lawyers underutilize the ability to file an auto insurance claim directly to the healthcare insurance company instead of with the auto insurance company. This move can save clients thousands of dollars in the long run. At first glance this move may seem counter intuitive, however, upon further investigation you will realize this can save you thousands of dollars and it will prevent healthcare providers from poaching your settlement.

For example: following your car accident you make your way to a health care provider who states your medical costs are $2,500.00. But, your health insurance believes the work the provider has done is only valued at $1,500.00. This creates a situation in which the healthcare provider would rather wait to file their claim until after your settlement has been finalized in order to collect the $2,500.00 they have been seeking all along. They do this because they know there is insurance money out there, and they would rather poach your settlement after it has been completed for $2,500.00 instead of receiving payment from the health insurance company for the actual value of their work, which was $1,500.00. Having a lawyer who knows how to file your claim with your healthcare provider will save you thousands of dollars and keep your settlement safe from healthcare providers who are looking to make a profit off of your misfortune.

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