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Before you decide that there is no case and no chance of a recovery following an accident, consult with a qualified personal injury lawyer. Often times, people will give up on a case before they even give it a chance. They will perform a cursory review of the facts and make a personal determination that the cause of the accident was their own negligence or a loved one that was killed in an accident. Before you make that determination, consult with a qualified personal injury or car accident lawyer.

A recent accident that resulted in the death of Judy Grossman is one such example of a case where – at first blush – one might think that this was purely an accident and that no recovery is possible. However, it could very well be that the family of Ms. Grossman might be available to recover for his death. There are 2 facts that could provide the basis for liability against 2 other parties:

  • 1. An intensive investigation into the potential liability of the concrete truck driver must be explored. The driver was attempting to pass a group of bicyclists, including Ms. Judy Grossman. We need to know the circumstances of his effort to pass the bicyclists. Was passing permitted in the area? How close was the driver to the bicyclists? How fast was he driving?
  • 2. What is the roadway separation referenced in the article? Was Ms. Grossman in a dedicated bicycle lane when her bicycle entered the separation area? Who is responsible for the roadway maintenance?

SAVANNAH, Ga. — Police say a 61-year-old Florida woman participating in a group bicycle ride across Georgia was killed after being run over by a dump truck.

Savannah-Chatham police spokeswoman Eunicia Baker says Judy Grossman was participating in a Bike Ride Across Georgia tour when wreck occurred Saturday. Baker says the front tire of Grossman’s bicycle went into a separation in the concrete while 32-year-old Alexis Montero Corvea was driving the dump truck and tried to pass the group of bicyclists.

As a result, Baker says Grossman fell in front of the dump truck’s rear tires and was run over.

Grossman was taken to Memorial University Medical Center, where she was pronounced dead.

No other injuries were reported.

The wreck remains under investigation.

Source: http://www.ajc.com/ap/ap/georgia/florida-woman-bicycling-across-georgia-dies-in-wre/nrfJ9/

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