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Posted by Ben Sessions | Jul 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Question: What can do to avoid accidents caused by tractor trailer blind spots?

Every vehicle has blind spots that make it difficult for the driver to see pedestrians, motorcycles, and other cars on the roadway. However, the blind spots for the driver of a tractor trailer are far greater than that of an everyday sedan or SUV. Several factors contribute to the large blind spots tractor trailers. The exceptional height, length, and lack of a rear view mirror all contribute to the difficulty that drivers of commercial vehicles have in seeing other people nearby to them.

Tractor trailers are typically between 70-80ft long. However they can get as large as 105ft long. The length of the truck creates serious problems for truck drivers who are trying to see other vehicles on each side. In addition to the length of the truck, height is also a contributing factor to trucks inability to see other drivers. The driver of the 18-wheeler is sitting up so high that they often struggle to see low riding automobile along each side, as well as automobiles driving directly in front of the truck. Finally, the lack of a rear view mirror completely blocks the driver's ability to see what is directly behind them. Because of this, drivers are left to rely solely on their two side mirrors. Obviously, this creates serious blind spots, below is a diagram depicting the blind spots of tractor trailers.


The dark grey zones depicted in the picture above are what is called a NO-ZONE. The Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA) started a NO-ZONE program in 1994 to help educate the public on how to properly drive around trucks. This program was started because most accidents involving trucks and other automobiles on the road happen when an automobile is in one of the NO-ZONE as seen above. Despite the NO-ZONE programs efforts, most accidents involving 18-wheelers still occur when another automobile is in a NO-ZONE.


The FMCSA proves four simple tips to help you driver safer around tractor trailers:

  • 1. Do not cut directly in front of 18 wheelers.
  • 2. Do not linger beside a truck, pass it quickly or back off.
  • 3. Pass on the left if at all possible
  • 4. Stay back

The state of Georgia is full of tractor trailers, from our largest port in Savannah to the busy metropolis of Atlanta. When you are driving our state please exercise extreme caution while driving around 18-wheelers. They are very large and can cause you serious injury if you involved in an accident with one. If you have been injured in a trucking accident, whether you were driving the truck or another vehicle, call The Sessions Law Firm today for a FREE CONSULTATION with our experienced personal injury lawyers Phone: (478) 254-2665.

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