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Posted by Ben Sessions | Jul 26, 2016 | 0 Comments

Vehicle intelligence systems are the way of the future. What was once only imagined in science fictions films is actually coming a reality. Vehicle intelligence systems have already begun to shape a future of autonomous driving, and have a seemingly limitless cap for future growth. Already, luxury cars around the world have improved collision avoidance, parking assistance, and emergency braking. Car manufacturers such as Tesla and Mercedes Benz have given their automobiles the ability to understand road scenery. In terms of road scenery understanding, these vehicle intelligence systems offer an amazing array of features, such as: road sign detection, night vision, lane tracking, and pedestrian detection. These systems even go as far as to monitor the driver of the automobile, and provide driver assistance for example: blind spot monitoring, traffic jam assistance, collision mitigation systems, adaptive cruise control, driver alertness sensing and parking assistance. Currently, these systems are considered a luxury but they have to potential to make driving safer for all people around the globe.


As it stands now the global vehicle intelligence system market can be divide along the lines of commercial vehicle and passenger cars. Currently, vehicle intelligence systems are mostly installed in the world's most elite luxury automobiles. However, there are signs that this is changing. Volvo as well as Toyota is currently working to expand their own vehicle intelligence systems. As it stands now, many mid level automakers offer some forms of vehicle intelligence, such as blind spot monitoring or rear parking systems. But, as vehicle intelligence systems become more affordable this technology will be made widely available to all passenger vehicles in the near future.

Nevertheless, the commercial vehicles segment holds amazing potential for growth for this type of technology. In fact, a company by the name of Otto is currently tackling the idea of installing vehicle intelligence systems to tractor trailers, with the hope of one day making them entirely autonomous on highways.

Currently, Otto is equipping trucking with all types of sensors, lasers, cameras and computer software in hopes that one day these trucks will be able to navigate U.S highways completely on their own, while a human driver rests, or tends to other tasks.

Presently, the idea is to leave driving on city streets to the humans, and long highway rides to the robotic truck. This idea is analogous to autopilot on airplanes, at high altitudes autopilot takes over but taking off and landing are left to humans. The dangers associated with driver fatigue causing accidents has been a hot topic in recent years, and this concept may provide a feasible means to protect drivers from exhaustion and keep our roads safer.

Realistically, it will probably take decades to convince government regulators that automated tractor trailers are a reliable means of transporting grounds across this country. However, there is currently a massive shortage of truck drivers in this country, and numbers are project to significantly increase in the next decade. Under employment in the trucking industry may put more pressure on vehicle intelligence system manufacturers and the government to expedite the process of making this futuristic technology a common practice.

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