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Posted by Ben Sessions | May 01, 2017 | 0 Comments

The recent I-85 bridge collapse in Atlanta has pushed tremendous amounts of commuters to surface streets that are not intended to handle these numbers of automobiles, and this presents additional concerns for pedestrians in metro-Atlanta. Drivers are searching for quicker routes to avoid the traffic jams that result from the numbers of cars using these surface streets. As a result of this mess, drivers are traveling through communities at times when there are also large numbers of pedestrians crossing through the intersections of these surface streets. This situation presents additional concerns for theĀ safety of pedestrians in Metro-Atlanta.

This is an image of Peachtree Street as it passes through Brookhaven, Georgia. In the mornings since the collapse of I-85 a tremendous volume of commuters is navigating through Brookhaven, Chamblee, and Doraville in an effort to make the way to downtown Atlanta. Many of these communities are extremely active and there are also large numbers of pedestrians running and walking along the same roadways that these drivers are attempting to use now.

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Routine use of basic safety precautions are all that we need to do in order to maintain the safety of pedestrians during these high-traffic times in local metro-Atlanta communities:

  • Stop completely at stop signs.
  • Look both ways before attempting to enter the roadway. Do not simply look for oncoming traffic. Look for pedestrians that are traveling against the directional flow of traffic. For example, if you are attempting to turn right onto Peachtree Road or Street, we tend to look only to the left for oncoming cars before we enter the roadway. However, in order to help ensure the safety of pedestrians that may be running or walking, we need to look the right before we begin to attempt to enter the roadway.

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