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The Georgia section of interstate I-75 is one of Georgia’s main interstates. It enters the state from Lowndes Country near Valdosta and exits the state north of Dalton where it continues on to Chattanooga, Tennessee. As it traverses Georgia, I-75 passes through major cities in the state, including Macon, Atlanta, and Marietta. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, in 2016 the annual average of daily traffic on I-75 near Tifton was about 42,000 cars per day. Once I-75 reaches Atlanta and enters Fulton County, the annual average jumps up to 297,000 vehicles using the road per day. Needless to say, I-75 is a vital road that connects multiple cities in Georgia and is used every day by thousands of commuters and travelers.

Freeway 20fire
Accident on I-75 in Georgia

Even in less populated areas, staying alert while driving on this interstate is vital for a safe driving experience. Just last week, in Lowndes County four tractor trailers were involved in a collision on I-75. Due to a lane closure traffic was abruptly being diverted when one tractor trailer rear-ended another, causing the hit tractor trailer to then rear-end the tractor-trailer he was behind. A fourth driver witnessing the accident, swerved into a ditch to avoid hitting the other three trucks.

Miraculously no fatalities were reported, however one reported injury was sustained after the cab of one of the trucks burst into flames, burning the driver. Accidents such as these are common up and down Georgia’s I-75 interstate, and many tractor trailers as well as vacationers use this road to travel from Florida to other parts of Georgia and beyond towards Tennessee. In 2016 Georgia reported 1,130 traffic fatalities. GDOT has set a goal to reduce this number, and as a Georgia driver (or any driver travelling I-75) it is important to practice safe driving techniques and to remain alert and aware of all traffic conditions including weather, construction, and other potential hazards so you can enjoy a safe, accident free commute.

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