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Posted by Ben Sessions | Jul 05, 2017 | 0 Comments

Georgia interstate 475 connects to interstate 75 on both ends near the city of Macon. It spreads across both Bibb and Monroe counties, bypassing Macon and allowing travelers to continue onto I-75 without having to experience traffic congestion from the city. Construction of I-475 began in 1965, and it is now a popular interstate for vacationers as well as local residents. According to the Georgia Department of Transportation, the interstate saw almost a four percent increase in use from 2015 to 2016, with an average of almost 60,700 vehicles using the road each day.

Although I-475 is one of Georgia's smaller interstates in length, traffic conditions still require drivers to remain alert and aware when travelling on it, especially at night or when driving for longer periods of time. Just this past weekend, around 1 a.m., a tragic accident occurred that resulted in the death of a Kentucky middle-school teacher who was traveling with her family. While driving, the family's SUV was run off the road by another vehicle. It then hit a guardrail, causing the vehicle to spin into the middle lane, where it came to a complete stop. As the family exited the SUV and ran to the side of the interstate, a tractor-trailer struck mother and teacher Judith Stacy, resulting in her tragic death.

It is important to remember that even after an accident has occurred there are still measures you must take in order to properly keep yourself safe. If possible, move your vehicle over to the shoulder, and immediately turn on your hazard lights to signal to oncoming traffic that there is a hazard ahead. Carrying small, florescent traffic cones as well as a flashlight in your trunk can be a great tool to have if you need to unexpectedly stop on the side of the road, even if just to change a tire. If your vehicle is too damaged to move to the shoulder, take extra precaution to evacuate far enough to the side of the road where you will be away from any oncoming traffic. Finally, call the police as soon as you have located a spot at a safe enough distance from the road in order to get the proper authorities on the scene as soon as possible.

If you have been hurt in a car wreck on I-475, our Macon car accident lawyers can help you obtain the compensation that you deserve. Contact our office today for a free consultation.

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