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Interstate 16 extends east to west, from the city of Macon, Georgia to Savannah, Georgia. It has a length of nearly one hundred and sixty-seven miles, and it is a popular interstate used from those traveling from I-75 to Savannah. I-16 passes through eleven different counties within the state, including Bibb and Chatham counties. Interstate 16 passes through large Georgia cities as well, including Dublin, Metter, and Pooler. It is a unique interstate for Georgia because it is also used as a hurricane evacuation route for the coastal areas along Georgia. Because of this, I-16 is specially designed for contraflow travel, also known as lane reversal. The Georgia Department of Transportation has plans to widen I-16 near Savannah, to relieve heavy congestion that occurs during rush hour. If you have been hurt in a car accident on I-16, The Sessions Law Firm can help.

I-16 has seen a string of deadly, highly publicized accidents recently. One of the most well-known, and most tragic accidents that has occurred on I-16 recently was the accident that took the lives of five nursing students who attended Georgia Southern University. They were traveling to their clinical at St. Joseph’s Hospital when a tractor trailer ran into an SUV and hit another car, then came to a stop after hitting a tanker. All women who were killed in the accident were between the ages of twenty and twenty-one. The authorities believe the cause of the accident was due to the driver of the tractor trailer texting on his cellphone while driving. He was charged with the accident, including five counts of first-degree vehicular homicide, and nearly a year later he was sentenced to five years in prison followed by five years of probation.

This tragic accident that took the lives of five promising young women could have easily been avoided. Texting while driving exponentially increases your chances for an accident, and it is simply not worth the risk. Aside from it being illegal to do so, texting while operating a vehicle could have consequence far more severe than a traffic ticket. Responding to your text message can wait until you have safely arrived at your destination, and waiting to do so can save lives.

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