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Georgia’s I-675 is about eleven miles in length and connects I-285 near Moreland Avenue and I-75 in Stockbridge, Georgia. Also known as the Terrell Starr Parkway, it was opened for use in 1987 and has since been a popular road used by many south Atlanta area locals. The interstate passes through three heavily populated counties, including Henry, Clayton, and DeKalb. The Georgia Department of Transportation has improvements and extensions planned for I-675 in the near future. These improvements include modifying the exit near I-285 and potentially connecting it to SR 400.

When driving on any major interstate, including I-675, it is important to remain aware of your surroundings and the conditions on the road. At any point driving conditions can go from safe to hazardous, and it is your job as a safe driver to be aware when these conditions may change. For example, in 2015 over Memorial Day weekend, an SUV carrying multiple passengers slammed into the back of a fire truck. The fire truck was parked in the far right lane of I-675, and it was responding to an earlier accident. According to authorities, all emergency vehicles had their lights on at the time of the second crash. Unfortunately, after hitting the fire truck one passenger in the SUV was killed and another injured because they were not using their seatbelts.

Accidents involving emergency vehicles who are already on the scene of another accident are more common than people may believe. Being aware of emergency vehicles and other cars with their hazard lights on can potentially save your life. Immediately slow down when you see emergency lights, and try to get over into the farthest lane away from their location. Following the set speed limit and giving enough space to the vehicle in front of you is crucial in order to properly slowdown in time for any hazard ahead. Even though the driving conditions may seem fine, always keep in mind that if conditions were to change suddenly, such as a parked vehicle ahead in your lane, you will need to be able to slow down properly and safely to avoid a collision.

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