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Why does the insurer for the at-fault driver refuse to settle my car accident claim?

There are any number of reasons that the insurer for the at-fault driver to refuse to settle your car accident claim, and it is difficult – without knowing anything about your case – to generalize regarding the reason. However, what I frequently see is that insurers have very little incentive to resolve car accident claims or to pay a fair value for claims when they do not believe that they have any exposure (or risk) from the failure to settle, and they rarely view individuals attempting to reasonably resolve their car accident claims as a great risk.

So, if insurers are rarely concerned about the risk of failing to settle your car accident claim, what can you do?

First, if you are dealing with an insurer that is not acting reasonably in response to your effort to resolve your car accident case, you always have the right to retain a car accident lawyer that is experienced in dealing with insurers. The experienced car accident lawyers at The Sessions Law Firm do not charge any fee for a consultation and we do not charge any fee unless we win your case. So, we do not get paid unless you get paid.

Second, if you would like to continue working your own case, you need to learn how to create risk for the insurer. You need to learn how to value your claim (reasonably) and you need to learn how to invoke the insurance bad-faith statute. After you have collected and calculated your total special damages (for example, lost wages and medical expenses), you can use your this figure as the basis for your demand to settle made upon the insurer. If the insurance policy limits are less than the amount that you would like to recover, you have a great basis upon which to invoke Georgia’s bad faith statute. You absolutely must be careful to make sure that you are properly invoking the bad-faith statute. Do not waste this opportunity.

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