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Driver charged in crash that killed 2 children on Victory Drive in Columbus, GA 

While there are some conditions on the road that you can’t control, you can control your decision to be a responsible driver. “Driver Charged In Crash that Killed 2 Children on Victory Drive” is not a headline that anyone wants to see. Early this year, the Ledger-Enquirer reported tragic news, as a 32-year-old Columbus woman crashed her vehicle, killing two children.

According to the Muscogee County Jail, the driver was charged with failure to maintain lane, unsafe tires, no state driver’s license, reckless conduct causing harm/endangering safety, and child restraint. It’s reported that there were 10 other passengers in the car aside from the driver, leading to the belief that no one was properly restrained in seatbelts.

The Georgia seatbelt law is simple: Click It or Ticket. But the importance of a seatbelt is much broader than a $25 fine. According to the Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, seat belts reduce the risk of death in vehicle accidents by approximately 50%. This is not just an abstract statistic, seatbelts protect you and the ones you love. Driving a vehicle that is overcapacity is also dangerous for everyone involved. Not only does that leave passengers unbuckled, but cars are designed specifically for the number of seats they hold. Overloading a vehicle can cause tire damage, steering difficulties, and an increased tendency for the vehicle to tip.

The world is an unpredictable place, but there are factors you CAN direct. The accident on Victory Drive was avoidable. The warning signs were visible. If the driver had taken a step back to ask “am I making a responsible decision?”, maybe the loss of loved ones could have been prevented. As Georgia drivers, we must all share the road. However, it is each and every individual decision that can make the roads a safer place to be. Know your vehicle’s limits, care and understand about the safety of your passengers, and do what you can to assure that the reckless loss of life doesn’t have to happen.

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