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Update on the Atlanta DUI Court

Almost every client or potential client that I consult with regarding a DUI charge wants to know if I know the prosecutor and the judge that will be presiding over the case. There is a value to knowing the tendencies of your prosecutor and the judge that will be handling your DUI case, but I have also warned against hiring someone based on an alleged relationship that the lawyer says that they have with the prosecutor or the judge. With that caveat, I offer some updates on what is happening with DUI cases in the Atlanta Municipal Court. 

Who is the Judge that will be presiding over my DUI case in the Atlanta Municipal Court?

Almost all DUI case are now being presided over by Judge Ardra Bey

Who are the prosecutors that will be handling my DUI case in the Atlanta Municipal Court?

The prosecutors in the courtroom appear new to the prosecution of DUI offenses. If you are appearing in this court, you need a lawyer. Do not fall victim to strong-handed tactics by prosecutors. Earlier this week, I was in this courtroom while the prosecutors were handling in-custody (jail) cases. One of the prosecutors recommended 180 days in jail for a person that was charged with jaywalking. When I hear that sort of sentencing recommendation from a prosecutor, I know that person has very little real-world experience or perspective. Every DUI defendant and lawyer that appear in this court needs to understand the various options that there client has to resolve their case, and the lawyer needs to understand how to capitalize upon the lack of experience in this courtroom at this time. 

We can help if you have a DUI pending the Atlanta Municipal Court. 

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