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19 Vehicle Crash on I-185 in Columbus, GA

   From the local news station to our local radio station, it’s not uncommon we will hear about some type of car accident that has occurred on one of our local roads. The next thought after we hear the news? Bad traffic.

   Once in while, news of a large scale multi-car accident will catch the attention of many viewers as the reality of such a scene is hard to grasp, and one can only image those who are actually involved in the accident.

  In Columbus, GA, at approximately 5:49 PM, reports of a 19 vehicle crash, between Buena Vista road and Macon road, came rushing into the police station, prompting a fast and sufficient response to such a big multi-car accident. Fortunately, no one was severely injured in the wreck as a majority of those involved in the accident didn’t report being injured, aside from one person. The one individual injured was sent to the Midtown Medical Center for closer observations. 

   This 19 vehicle car crash was only one of the thirteen crashes that day on Interstate 185 Northbound, causing the lanes to close for about two hours. It was believed that the main cause of these car accidents were due to improper driving speeds during rainy weather conditions. As a result of the accident, citations have been issued to multiple parties for charges such as “following too close”.  

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