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Driver and Passenger Killed on I-75 Accident

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Severe inclement weather such as snow create hazardous driving conditions for all drivers sharing the road. Where there’s snow, it’s most likely that there will also be ice. Icy roads are extremely dangerous to anyone on the road as they can go undetected and unseen, leaving room for skidding or lost of vehicular control. 

   In Macon, GA, at approximately 9:15 AM, the driver and the passenger of 2000 Honda Civic died in a two car accident on Interstate 75 in South Bibb County. The incident was due to the icy road conditions.

   Mr. Thanh Nguyen, the driver of the Honda Civic, was heading Northbound, but he lost control of his vehicle and spun into the guardrail facing South. After the incident, Mr. Nguyen stepped outside his car, where he came into contact with another car driven by Mr. Gary Cumming. Mr. Cumming was heading down the highway, he switched into the right lane, driving onto a patch of ice. This caused his car to skid across the highway, hitting Thanh Nguyen and the Honda Civic, killing the passenger inside as well. The two were pronounced dead at the scene. Mr. Cummings was reported to not have any injuries.

   This two vehicle accident wasn’t the only accident to occur during the icy weather conditions, as Interstate 475 was also blocked off due to a series of car accidents involving single and multi-vehicular accidents.

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Source: Liz Fabian http://www.macon.com/news/local/article195072879.html



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