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Truck Driver Dead After Two Tractor Trailer, One Car Wreck

   When involved in a car crash, it can be a very overwhelming experience, and can become confusing when multiple factors and unclear circumstances are present. Not all car accidents are simple. They can become complex when there is a lack of accurate information of the incident or the party involved in the accident is unknown.


A similar circumstance occurred in Macon, GA between two tractor trailers and one car. After approximately 5:20 AM, a three vehicle car accident on I-16 was reported to the Twiggs Country police, requiring Macon-Bibb Country firefighters to called in for further aid due to the scale of the accident. Even though three vehicles were involved in the wreck, only two vehicles were present at the scene. The second trailer truck driver is assumed to have driven off, leaving their identity unknown.

   The story of the accident still isn’t clear, as the story has missing pieces to it. However, the car was said to have crashed into one of the tractor trailers, leaving the truck driver dead. In order to remove the truck driver from scene, the trucker driver had to be cut from the wreckage. The driver in the car and their passenger, however, are both alive. They both have been taken to Navicent Health in Macon for proper treatment.

The scene is still being investigated in order to determine accurate logistics of the multi-vehicle crash.

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Source: Liz Fabian http://www.macon.com/news/local/article179450191.html



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