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Dangerous Intersection of Macon

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Highway and roads systems are paved out to the smallest detail in order to create functioning and efficient transportation routes all across the United States. One of the important factors to building or improving on roads is what can be done to help ease traffic flow and prevent potential accidents.

In Macon, GA, one particular intersection between West Andrews Street Road and U.S. 51 in Macon has attracted the attention of locals and lawmakers of the area due to the numerous count of accidents that have occurred here. The intersection has long been acknowledged as dangerous for its speed-related car accidents.

A man named Phil Jacobs Sr. and his wife, Norma Jean, are one of the many victims of the intersection car accidents that happen here. The couple’s car collided with a pick up truck, sending both of them to the hospital. Jean stayed in the hospital for further care, however, Phil Jacobs Sr. was pronounced dead at 2:02 AM.

The driver of the pick up truck was given a citation for “failure to yield”.

There has been discussion of different solutions to the intersection in response to these car accidents. Solutions such as implementing a traffic sign or implementing infrared signal system to detect traffic, then notifying drivers approaching the intersection, have been up for debate. Neither suggestions have been decided on, leaving many drivers vulnerable to the risks of accidents at the intersection.

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