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Nurse Unable to Save Truck Driver After Their Accident

Medical emergencies are unpredictable and can be a danger to not only ourselves, but to others, depending on the situation. In this case, a medical emergency could be the cause of a log truck driver’s life.


    Approximately after 8 AM, Andrew Willis was pronounced dead at Coliseum Medical Center after being involved in a fatal two car accident.

    Willis was heading north that day. As he was driving, he switched into the left lane, moving into Nurse Nickleow Carlton’s way. In response, the nurse attempted to drive into the center lane in order to prevent any potential accidents with the truck, however, the truck kept moving towards her. The truck eventually hit her car, causing it to spin into the southbound lanes, producing only minor injuries o the nurse. The log truck, on the other hand, continued to swerve across southbound lanes until it collided into trees. Nurse Carlton attempted to help Willis, but he was already unconscious at the wheel when the Nurse was able to reach him.

    Willis was then sent to Coliseum Medical Center for further observations and treatment as he suffered major injuries from the accident.

    The reasoning behind why Willis lost control of the truck in the first place is still under investigation. It was said that it could possibly be because Willis was experiencing a medical emergency beforehand. Therefore, the medical emergency could explain Willis’s driving behavior throughout the occurrence. A biopsy will be done to determine the cause of Willis’s death as well as an examination of his past medical history.

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 Sources: Liz Fabian




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