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Murder Charge for Involvement in Multiple Car Accidents

    A woman of the name of Kathryn Adams has been arrested and charged with 18 plus citations for multiple car accidents in Columbus, GA. The woman is responsible for a series of incidents, harming not only herself, but many others involved in the accidents, including the life of a 7-year-old boy, Ayden Kitchens.


Kathryn Adams was said to be in an unstable state of mind before the accident, as she was reported to be talking to herself, while walking around naked in her apartment complex area. A witness attempted to console Adams, and attempted to get her help, but Adams ran off and stole the witness’s car. Adams headed onto Veterans Parkways, where she caused a series of car accidents.

First, Adams cause a multi-vehicular accident south of Cooper Creek Road and north of Williams Road. Next, Adams crashed into a car with a family inside, including both parents and their four kids. Finally, Adam’s third accident involved just herself, as she crashed into a traffic control utility box on the right side of Veterans Parkway.

   She ended up in Midtown Medical after her third accident, where she was released around 10 AM – 11 AM and transferred to jail. She is currently being charged with multiple citations such as DUI, duty to report accident, and reckless driving. She is also being charged with felony murder as one of the children from the second accident, Ayden Kitchens, died due to traumatic head injuries. The story continues to develop as more information arises from the investigation.

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