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Switching Lanes Triggers 4 Vehicle Crash in Macon, GA

Road surface markings are one of the many ways road systems are able to guide the flow and direction of traffic. They can inform the driver what lane goes where or when one can or cannot switch lanes. Even with road surface markings in place, it’s in the hands of the driver to decide whether or not they choose to abide to rules of the road.


In Macon, GA, Shelby Shaw, attempted to over pass another car in a no passing zone, causing a four vehicle crash, killing three people, with one of them being herself.

Shaw was headed north on GA 49 when she tried to over pass a 2005 Cadillac Escalade. In the process, she hit a Ford F-150 with two people inside, Errol Bernard and Annie Pearl Harris. When she passed the double yellow lines, she collided with Bernard’s car head on, causing his car to spin out of control. The car spun off the west side of the road.

Shaw’s car also spun out of control after the collision, sending the car to hit a Mercedes that was behind Bernard’s pick up. Afterwards, the car then proceeded to hit the side of an Escalade. The drivers of the Mercedes and the Escalade both experienced only minor injuries, therefore did not need medical attention from a hospital. The two passengers of the Ford, Errol Bernard and Annie Pearl Harris, and Shaw were both pronounced dead at the scene.

The situation is still under investigation.

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