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Motorcyclists Left in Critical Condition after Collision on Gray Highway in Macon, GA

   Choosing to drive a motorcycle can pose a series of risks to the motorcyclist that an automobile driver would experience less of. The motorcyclist’s body is more exposed; therefore, they can experience higher casualties during an accident as they are not as properly shielded in comparison to a car. Due to the high risk of driving a motorcycle, it’s important to abide by the recommended traffic rules and wear the proper gear while driving to reduce the chances of potential accidents and the extent of the injuries.

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 Due to the force of the collision, Shinholster was sent to Navicent for further medical attention. He is currently in critical condition. Newsome also ended up at Navicent Health, for minor injuries involving concerns about her shoulder and arms.   In Macon, GA, forty-two-year-old motorcyclist, Delrico Shinholster, has been left in critical condition after being involved in an accident with a Nissan Maxima.

   Shinholster was headed towards Jones Country when he encountered, Ariel Newsome, the drive of the Nissan Maxima. Newsome was attempting to pull out from a nearby park lot in order to get onto the lanes that were headed towards I-75. In the process, Newsome drove into the same pathway as the motorcyclist. Shinholster attempted to avoid a collision with the car by attempting to dodge it, but, he ended up hitting the rear corner of the Nissan Maxima.

 Newsome has been cited for driving without a proper license, as she was driving with a CP license at the time of the incident. 

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