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Pickup Truck’s Logs Hits Mini Van After Running Red Light

   In Macon, GA, on April 12, 2018, a pick up’s truck decision to run a red light turned into a major collision causing four injuries requiring medical attention.


  The driver of a log truck ran a red light in east Macon, as he was traveling westbound on Jeffersonville Rd. It was reported that as the driver ran the red light, another vehicle was attempting to cross over Ocmulgee East Boulevard. The truck driver immediately swerved in order to prevent an accident with the vehicle, but ended up getting into an accident with another vehicle in the process. As the truck driver overturned, he overturned into the path of a Honda Odyssey. However, it. was not the truck itself that struck the Honda Odyssey.

   The pickup truck’s logs were dislodged from the back of the truck, rolling into the Honda Odyssey, colliding with the front portion of the minivan. The lodges scatter every where on the scene, extending from the road to the utility poles near the accident. Thankfully, no one inside the Odyssey was directly hit by the logs

   The three passengers in the Odyssey and the pickup truck driver were all taken to the ambulance for medical attention at Navicent Health for further evaluation and observation.

   The scene was then inspected by Bibb county police, and the scattered logs were being cleared from the area.

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