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Man Must Amputate Both Legs After Pedestrian Accident with Car in Columbus, GA

In Columbus, GA, on February 10th, at approximately 1:32 AM, two pedestrians were hit by an oncoming car driving down Bradley Park. The driver remains unidentified, but both pedestrians suffered injuries requiring medical attention at Midtown Medical Center.

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The two pedestrians, JC Dozier and Tiler Richardson, were also heading down Bradley Park road when their car broke down at approximately 1:00 AM. Dozier and Richardson decided to step out of the car to inspect the situation and retrieve an item out of their trunk. As they were retrieving the item, a driver was heading down the right lane of Bradley Park when he struck the two pedestrians standing in the same lane.

When the car struck the two pedestrians, JC Doxier ended up being pinned between the two vehicles, resulting in major injuries. The accident caused him to not only have a broken neck, but the injuries required him to have both of his legs amputated. Tiler Richardson suffered less serious injuries as he was sent to the medical center for concerns about pain in his left leg and torso. Doxier is still in the recovery process after his injuries.

The response to the incident has left family members of JC Doxier very upset and unsatisfied.  The driver responsible for striking the pedestrians was not arrested, breathalyzed, or cited for the incident. This brings up many concerns of whether the driver was under the influence of any kind, and as to why there was a lack of punishment for the driver’s actions. The story continues to develop as investigations attempt to recover more information about the incident.

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