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37-Year-Old Car Crash Victim in Columbus, GA Dies While Pulling into Driveway

On January 18th, in Columbus, GA, 37-year-old Claudia Johnson, was pronounced dead at the scene at approximately 11:07 PM after a two vehicle car crash.


Claudia Johnson and her boyfriend were heading back home on Steam Mill when the accident occurred. Johnson sat in the passenger seat of her boyfriend’s Hyundai Accent as he was pulling into their driveway. As he was pulling in, their car was struck by a Crown Victoria, dragging Johnson’s car from their driveway back down to the street.

Every single person involved in the accident was injured, including the five people in the Crown Victoria. Johnson’s boyfriend and the Crown Victoria’s passengers were all sent to Midtown Medical Center for further treatment and observation. The conditions of the six victims are currently still unknown, and there has not been any new information on any releases.

Unfortunately, Claudia Johnson suffered the most injuries sitting in the passenger side of the Hyundai Accent

When the accident occurred, Johnson’s mother heard the accident, provoking her to check out the scene. She ran down the street to see what had happened, only to discover her daughter was one of the victims of the car accident. Johnson’s mother states that her daughter was already unconscious, but still managed to have the slightest pulse. Johnson never managed to wake up, and eventually was pronounced dead at the scene once police arrived. As of now, Johnson’s body has been sent to Atlanta for an autopsy for more information.

The reasoning as to why the Crown Victoria crashed into Johnson’s car has yet to be identified, and the incident continues to be investigated.

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Sources: Chandler Morgan, Reporter/Anchor


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