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Car Chase Results in a Hit & Run and Patrol Car Collision in Columbus, GA

Deonte Giles has been wanted by Columbus police for his involvement in a fatal shooting that took the life of Dudley Jones Jr. on April 1st, 2017. Police were able to track Giles down after a woman reported that he had held her at gun point at Farley Homes, a public housing complex on Nina Street. Police He then returned to the complex only to find the

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police still waiting there for him, in which Giles responded by speeding off. A car chase ensued, resulting in a hit and run and a car accident involving Giles and police patrol car.

   As Giles sped away from Nina Street, he hit a pedestrian, walking her children on Shepherd street. Giles then headed east on Cusseta Road, where he collided with a westbound patrol car. Giles’s Ford crashed into the side of the patrol car, causing the officer to lose control of his vehicle. The car cut across two lanes, pivoted, and then slammed backwards into a business’s building, punching through the wall, damaging not only the building but damaging $291, 154. 32 worth of equipment. The patrol car finally came to a stop when it collided into a telephone pole.

   Giles didn’t get very far afterwards as he also lost control of his vehicle and hit a wire fence. Files proceeded to step out his car with gun in hand, in which a second officer ran him over in order to eliminate the threat. Deonte Giles was pronounced dead from blunt force trauma at 11:55 AM.

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