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East Columbus, GA Pedestrian Involved Collision Results in Death

   In Columbus, GA, at approximately 2:30 AM, a pedestrian died as a result of a collision with a vehicle at the intersection of Mckee Road and Macon Road, east of Highway 80.

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   The accident involved only two people, the pedestrian and the one driver inside the vehicle.  The driver was coming from Macon, GA, headed westbound on the highway, when the vehicle collided into the pedestrian.The pedestrian was apparently walking around on the roadway at the intersection of Mckee and Macon road in a poorly lit area of the road. The highway was described as being very dark, and wet from the rainy weather at the time.         

   The vehicle was coming down from a dark hill when the victim was struck. According to statements from the police, the driver attempted to do what they could in order to avoid hitting the pedestrian, but the attempt remained unsuccessful.

   The accident caused the emergency crews to close off the proximity in order to investigate the scene, shutting down east and westbound directions of the highway. Traffic was forced to take detour routes.

  The pedestrian was then later identified as 32-year-old, Reginald Brown, from Clearwater, FL. It was said that Brown was in the area to visit his family that lives in Columbus, GA. It was concluded that the cause of death was blunt force trauma. The driver has yet to be identified, and it seems unclear whether or not Brown’s body will be sent to Atlanta for a biopsy

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