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19-Year-Old Boy Dies in Macon, GA Car Accident While Heading Towards a Funeral

   In Macon, GA, approximately after 1:30 PM, 19-year-old Joshua Jones, was pronounced dead after a car caused his brother’s truck to overturn and flip over, trapping the victim in the car.

   Joshua Jones was a passenger in his brother’s, Jaquez Jones, Nissan Titan as they were both heading to their Aunt’s funeral in Houston Country in Warner Robins, GA. The accident occurred early Monday afternoon on GA247 near Feagin Road. 20-year-old Jaquez Jones was driving behind their parent’s car, heading towards South Bibb Country when another vehicle clipped the Nissan Titan, causing Jaquez to lose control of his vehicle.

The truck then flipped over to the side of the road, pinning the passenger side, trapping Joshua in the vehicle. The parents of Jaquez and Joshua Jones caught a glimpse of the accident in their rear view mirror as they were driving in front of the Nissan when the accident happened. As a result, Jaquez was seriously injured from the truck overturn, while Joshua died at the scene.


  Traffic was blocked southbound for more than two hours because of the difficulty of removing Joshua from inside the Nissan Titan. It took firefights several hours to cut Joshua’s body from the Nissan. The brother required immediate medical attention for his injuries, therefore he was transported to Navicient Health after reports of serious conditions. Jaquez still remains in critical condition at the hospital. The other driver that clipped the truck has yet to identified, however, they were also sent to the hospital as the accident left them in critical condition.

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