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18 Wheeler Collision in Columbus, GA Leaves Driver in Critical Condition

   On September 6, in Columbus, GA, westbound lanes of JR Allen Parkway near the bridge between Columbus and Phenix City have been closed and blocked off due to a crash that occurred that morning.

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   According to witnesses, around 6 AM, an 18-wheeler semi truck and a log truck collided with one another on the westbound lanes of JR Allen Parkway at the highway entrance ramp from 2nd Avenue. Due to the high impact, the 18 wheeler truck flipped onto its side, blocking the entire road. The small trailer attached to the 18 wheeler cracked open after disconnecting with the semi-truck, spilling out a large quantity of content such as cardboard

   Police, firefighters, and EMS responders were called to the scene in order to assist with moving the flipped trailer out of the area. Detours were set up and the 2nd Avenue ramp was blocked off in order to motorcyclists off the ramps. The lanes were closed until that late afternoon until clean up was over around 6 PM.

   One driver that was involved in the collision suffered major injuries, requiring them to be sent to Midtown Medical center where the victim is said to be in critical condition. Identification of the victim and their current condition continues to develop.

Sources: Mikhaela Singleton


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