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DUI Drugs Conviction and Your Driver’s License

In this video, Georgia Board-Certified DUI Defense Attorney Ben Sessions of The Sessions Law Firm discuss the impact of a Georgia DUI Drugs Conviction upon your Driver’s License. This is a crucial issue if you are charged with DUI drugs or a combination DUI Drugs & Alcohol charge. Remember: the result is not charged simply because you are charged with driving under the influence of a prescribed drug.

One of the types of cases that we’re seeing more commonly are DUI drug cases, and DUI, alcohol and drugs cases. With those types of charges, in particular DUI drug charges, one of the things that you really need to be aware of is the implications of those types of charges and a possible conviction of those types of charges upon your driver’s license. There is a vastly different impact upon your driver’s license in a DUI drugs or a DUI alcohol and drugs charge, as opposed to a DUI alcohol only charge. If you are convicted of a DUI drugs charge, any type of DUI drugs charge, what you need to know is that you will not be eligible for a limited permit. That is, you will not be eligible for a permit that allows you to drive to and from work, school, medical emergencies, like you would be if you were convicted of a DUI only charge.

So, when you’re deciding what it is that you should do with your case, make sure that you are aware that you will not be eligible for that type of work permit. It does not matter if the prosecutor writes, eligible for a work permit or eligible for a certificate of first offense upon the sentence. Or even if the judge were to grant you a certificate of first offense, the Department of Driver Services will still refuse to issue you a permit if you’re convicted upon that type of offense. So, if it’s a DUI drugs or if it’s a DUI drugs and alcohol charge, you will not be eligible for that work permit that you might otherwise be eligible for.

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