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Brock Turner: What bothers me about this case

One of the most disturbing aspects of the Brock Turner case to me is that Brock Turner, despite having gone to trial, gets all the benefits of a person who actually accepted responsibility. That is, he’s now coming back after a trial is getting the leniency of a person who actually accepts responsibility and says that I’m sorry for my actions. And the judge’s sentencing on him to six months in jail appears to be a sentence that might even be exceptional for a person. It acknowledges the wrongs that they’ve committed upon another person, acknowledges that they breached their contract with society and it’s gone outside the bounds of that. That’s what really bothers me about this, and that’s what makes it appear as though after having punished this victim again, by making her come forward and talk about the atrocious acts that he committed upon her, is now asking for leniency, according to things like he’s been punished enough. He can’t live in the way that you did, he lost his swimming scholarship, those are the things that really bothered me about this case.

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