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Understanding what motivates the other party is a really important thing to know

One of the things that lawyers have really begun to focus on really intently, um, in consciously they used to do it unconsciously. But one of the things that they have really began to focus a lot of time and energy and effort on is trying to determine what it is that motivates the other party in the litigation. If you’re involved in a case, one of the things that you need to know and did you really need to kind of think about really diligently is what are your strengths? What are your weaknesses, what are your vulnerabilities? Because once you realize what your vulnerabilities are, first you can begin to correct for them. And second, you can make sure that you’re not unconsciously or unintentionally disclosing those to the other side because that’s really important. Um, once the other party knows what your weaknesses, then they’re obviously going to exploit it.

A really good example of that is let’s say for example that you have, um, a car accident case is pending and the other side has made an offer that, um, that you believe is really low in your case. But you also have really strict financial concerns in your life. You have money problems that are driving, um, your decisions. If you ever let them know that, um, you can be, you can bet your bottom dollar that they are absolutely going to string out the case string out litigation as much as they can. And that is really common, um, in car accidents and personal injuries generally, um, is that the other side is going to try to test whether or not you have the staying power to stick around when things are, um, are moving slow and whenever you’re not getting your money that you’re owed and that you’re deserved.

And a lot of times there’s really no question that you are in fact owed money. It’s just a question of when you’re going to get it and how much you’re going to get. And they’re betting in a lot of those cases that you’re going to take less in order to get it sooner. And there is some time value of money associated with it. But I can absolutely guarantee you in the vast majority of cases, um, that time value of money, if you’re looking at, for example, the market rate of interest is a heck of a lot lower than what your discounted case value is, the insurance company is placing on it. So, um, if you have any questions, feel free to call me. My name is Ben sessions. My phone number is (470) 225-7710 again, (470) 225-7710. Thank you.

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