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Coping with the uncertainty of a DUI charge

If you have been charged with a DUI, there are so many unknowns, and coping with the uncertainty of a DUI charge is one of the most difficult aspects of the case. One of the really hard things for our clients to do is to accept the uncertainty that’s associated with their case. So they get a DUI charge and they’d want to know immediately what is it that’s ultimately going to happen. When my case, that’s probably what I would do if I were in that situation as well. You just want to know how the story ends so that you can begin putting your life together in a way that prepares you for that, that eventual conclusion. That’s very natural, but it’s also something that you have to know. No lawyer can truthfully tell you. And the reason why I say that, it’s because I just can’t tell you, even if I know with absolute certainty what the facts are, and there’s never a consultation at the outset at which I know exactly what the facts are, are, are in your case.

We can remove some of the uncertainties by knowing the facts as well as possible and knowing the jurisdiction in which your DUI is pending.

But even if I knew what the facts are, I can’t tell you how it is. The other party on the other side, that’s the prosecutor, how it is that they’re going to handle the case, how it is that they’re going to react to even big problems in the case so there is a level of uncertainty that you’re going to have to learn to cope with. I can help you with that. I can give you certainly some really good advice about what the law is and how it may affect your license, how it may may affect your professional license, those types of issues that are very common that I deal with day in and day out, but I can’t tell you ultimately how the case is going to be resolved. There’s a level of chance that’s involved there. That level of chance to be quite honest with you generally works to your benefit.

The uncertainty of how your DUI case will be resolved can be beneficial to you.

If there wasn’t a level of chance, we’ll then, these things would be very black and white. You probably would not have a very good likelihood of avoiding a DUI conviction because there is some uncertainty here because we can, there is some maneuverability in the process. I can, a lot of times in the vast majority of my cases work out something that’s really good for my clients in which they avoid a DUI conviction. Avoid a license suspension, avoid jail, those kinds of things.

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