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Brookhaven DUI Lawyer

If you need an experienced Brookhaven DUI Lawyer, we can help.

If you have been charged with DUI in Brookhaven, GA, you almost certainly need the help of an experienced DUI attorney that understands how to properly investigate, evaluate, negotiate, and defend these types of cases. The decision as to how your DUI charge should be handled should not be procrastinated over. Many people make the mistake of transferring a case to the DeKalb County State Court in order to "buy time". However, taking this action, they needlessly expose themselves to great punishment. Consult with us before taking any action in your case. 

What happens on my 1st court date on a DUI in Brookhaven Municipal Court? 

First, you really should have a lawyer for a DUI in Brookhaven or any court. A DUI is too important and the consequences of a DUI conviction are too significant not to have a qualified DUI attorney to help you. That being said, the first court date in Brookhaven Municipal Court can involve the entry of a guilty plea to the DUI charge or a continuance of the case. Generally, the Court does not have any problem continuing a DUI cases that is appearing for the first time on the calendar. Usually continuances are granted so that the person can speak with a lawyer about the case. 

Who are the prosecutors in the City of Brookhaven Municipal Court?

Beginning February 2, 2018, Gregory Schwarz and Steven Chen are serving as the solicitors/prosecutors in the City of Brookhaven Municipal Court. Generally, the City Solicitor should not be contacted directly by unrepresented defendants. 

Who is the Court clerk for the City of Brookhaven Municipal Court? 

The Court clerk is who schedules court appearances, accepts filings by parties, and handles fines and dispositions in the City of Brookhaven Municipal Court. Always be kinds, courteous, and respectful the members of the Clerk's office. The Clerk of the City of Brookhaven Municipal Court contact information is: 

Brookhaven Municipal Court
2665 Buford Highway
Brookhaven, Georgia 30319

Main Phone: 404-637-0660
Email: [email protected]

Office Hours
8:30 a.m. to 5 p.m.

Hiring A Lawyer

Hiring a lawyer is about more than getting a great result in your case. We understand that for many of our clients, the event that led them to call us causes them tremendous stress and anxiety. We will help you understand the process and how we can help. When you hire The Sessions Law Firm for your case, you will have a lawyer that is willing to take the time to help you and committed to delivering the best results possible.