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Sandy Springs Criminal Defense Attorney

The Sandy Springs criminal defense attorneys at The Sessions Law Firm understand how to achieve exceptional results in Sandy Springs criminal defense matters. Our Sandy Springs criminal defense attorneys have successfully defended clients facing a wide vary of offenses, including Sandy Springs DUI charges, Sandy Springs disorderly conduct charges, Sandy Springs aggressive driving charges, Sandy Springs prostitution charges, and Sandy Springs ordinance violations.

The Sandy Springs Municipal Court is located at:

7840 Roswell Road Building 500
Sandy Springs, GA 30350

The Sandy Springs Municipal Court only has jurisdiction to resolve the following types of cases:

  • Misdemeanor traffic offenses
  • Local ordinance violations
  • Certain other misdemeanor offenses

One thing that you absolutely need to be aware of in selecting a Sandy Springs criminal defense attorney is that there are some offenses that are punished much more harshly in Sandy Springs (and a couple of other surrounding jurisdictions) than you normally expect. In particular, Sandy Springs prostitution charges and local ordinance violations often receive unbelievable sentencing “offers” from the City’s prosecutors. If you have such a case, you need an experienced Sandy Springs criminal defense attorney if you hope stay out of jail.

Also, as you approach your case, be aware that the prosecuting attorney in this jurisdiction may attempt to treat your charge as a “local ordinance violation” in order to force you to keep your case in the Sandy Springs Municipal Court. If your case was being prosecuted as a state law violation, you would (unquestionably) have the right to transfer your case to the State Court of Fulton County. However, the prosecutor in Sandy Springs frequently likes to call offenses (that are truly state law violations) local ordinances, and therefore, defeat your right to transfer the case. An experienced Sandy Springs criminal defense attorney may be able to assist you in effectively dealing with this tactic.

If you are looking for a Sandy Springs criminal defense attorney that understands how to navigate through the Sandy Springs court system, contact The Sessions Law Firm.

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