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The Calendar Call In Your DUI Case

The calendar call in your DUI case is basically a hearing at which the Court calls the cases on the trial court docket to obtain status announcements from the State and the Defendant’s lawyers (if the Defendant is represented by a lawyer). At the calendar call, you will typically hear announcements such as “ready for trial,” “ready subject to motions,” or “not ready.”

As you might expect, if either party announces “not ready” for trial and is asking for a continuance, the court will typically expect the lawyer to announce why the case is not ready for trial. In a DUI case, you will typically hear announcements of not ready when a defense witness (or evidence the Defendant seeks) is not available or has not been made available.

The calendar call in your DUI case (or any criminal case) is also significant because Georgia law requires that cases be called for trial in the order in which they appear on the docket. You will know the order of the docket at the calendar call.

O.C.G.A. § 17-8-1. Cases called in order in which they stand on docket

The cases on the criminal docket shall be called in the order in which they stand on the docket unless the defendant is in jail or, otherwise, in the sound discretion of the court.

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