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Clearing a Bench Warrant for a Missed Court Date


There is nothing more frightening than an outstanding bench warrant. The fear and anxiety that accompany the idea that law enforcement officers may knock on your door at any moment to arrest can really drive people to do extreme things. In the vast majority of cases, bench warrants for missed court dates can be resolved relatively painlessly. However, there are a few general rules that should be followed by everyone facing an outstanding bench warrant:

  1.  Never “stick your head in the sand” in the hopes that an outstanding bench warrant from a missed court date will miraculously go away. The ostrich approach to outstanding bench warrants emphatically doe not work.
  2.  Act quickly to resolve an outstanding warrant. Mistakes are made. Most judges and prosecutors simply want cases to move along. Keeping someone in jail for a missed court date generally does not advance that cause. Seeking to correct the mistake sooner, rather than later, is an important first step to removing a bench warrant for a missed court date.
  3.  Do not lie about why you missed court. People, including lawyers, say the craziest things when they miss court. People make up stories that are so outlandish that even the most forgiving judges cannot help them. Don’t be stupid and make up a lie about why you missed court that will only make your problem worse. If you don’t have a good and honest reason for missing court, say you’re sorry, that you made a mistake, and ask for forgiveness.
  4. If possible, retain a lawyer that knows the local court system and, perhaps most importantly, will commit the time and effort required to work to clear the bench warrant.

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