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Unfortunately, many people suffer through horrific accidents in road construction areas in Georgia. On I-75 south of Atlanta into McDonough and Henry County, there is a tremendous road construction project underway.

A new road work project is afoot in metro Atlanta both on the north and south side of the city. A new express lane is currently under construction North of the city from I-575 all the way to I-285, South of the city the new road runs from SR155/McDonough Road 12 miles till SR 138/ Stockbridge Highway. This project consists of the addition of two reversible express lanes that are located within the current median of I-75. For all of you who will be traveling on I-75 South of Atlanta this summer be prepared for delays and heavy construction throughout this 12 mile stretch of highway.

I-75 is the largest highway in South Georgia and the addition of additional lanes may provide some relief for traffic in the future but this summer this construction could prove to be dangerous. The two additional lanes being constructed will be managed by a variable priced tolling system, similar to the current system in operation on I-85 northeast of Atlanta. The State has said the lanes are being constructed to improved traffic flow into the city in the morning and out of the city in the evening.

One of the concerns that we have to be aware of in evaluating and investigating accidents that occur in construction areas is impairment and distraction of other drivers. Obviously, drivers that are impaired by alcohol or drugs will have a more difficult time remaining vigilant for the safety of others in construction areas, and drivers distracted by cell phones (or other electronic devices) will be less able to react to quick changes in traffic flows.

This project is set to be completed in 2017, so if you travel this stretch of run often you can anticipate long delays for a long time. While you are travel this summer to the lake, beach or family vacation, please be very conscious of this construction for travel time. Also, always remember to take extra care while you are driving in a construction site, because they can prove to be very dangerous.

Don’t let your summer be ruined by an accident. Take care in while traveling in construction zones.

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