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2 killed on icy I-75 in Macon amid multi-vehicle crashes

Recent Car Wreck Fatalities in Macon, GA 

Snow in Georgia is a rare event. It’s an understatement to say that while native residents are often delighted by the sight of gentle white flakes drifting from the sky; Georgia’s current roads and infrastructure are often not prepared when a sudden cold front hits. As temperatures dropped below freezing on Wednesday morning, January 17, 2018, two people were the victims of I-75’s icy condition. If you or someone that you car about has been injured in a car wreck, contact our Macon car accident lawyers today. 

A driver was headed northbound on the interstate when he suddenly hit a patch of black ice, spinning out of control and crashing into a guardrail. As the driver was outside of his vehicle inspecting the damage, another car was moving over into the right lane. This car hit another patch of black ice and skid across the highway, rolling into the first stopped vehicle, killing both the driver and passenger that were stopped on the shoulder. Both the driver and passenger were pronounced dead on the scene. This was only once incident that occurred due to the icy nature of the interstate. Multiple accidents were reported due to the frozen road conditions.

While below-freezing conditions are uncommon for our area of the country, it is important to be prepared and well-versed on how to behave in such unaccommodating conditions.

First and most importantly, BE CAUTIOUS! Drive slowly but vigilantly. Give yourself time. Wear your seatbelt. Pay attention to where you are going and the conditions that surround you.

Secondly, be prepared! Make sure that your tires are properly inflated, your seat is in the right position, and you are wearing the appropriate attire.

Driving in unfamiliar conditions can be daunting and there is no way of being completely safeguarded when you are on the road. However, snow doesn’t have to be scary. Being a smart and conscious driver can drastically lower your likelihood of being in an accident.

Source: Liz Fabian http://www.macon.com/news/local/article195072879.html

Were you or someone you love hurt in a car accident during bad weather? 

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