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For most people, one of the most stressful parts of their DUI arrest is the unfamiliarity with the court process. Understanding what will occur after your DUI arrest will alleviate a lot of anxiety, so in this post, we will try to clarify some of what you should expect if your DUI case is pending the Macon-Bibb County State Court. 

Where will I be required to appear for court?

If you have been arrested for DUI in Macon-Bibb County, all of hearings in your criminal case will take place at: 

J. Taylor Phillips Courthouse
601 Mulberry Street, Room 500
Macon, GA 31201

If you have been arrested for DUI in Macon-Bibb County, your license suspension hearing will also be held in the J. Taylor Phillips Courthouse, but the courtroom changes from time-to-time. When you enter the courthouse and pass through security, ask the deputies where the ALS hearings are being held. 

On our site, we have a lot of information about what the administrative license suspension (ALS) hearing is in Georgia and what you should expect at the hearing.

Will I be required to appear for each of my court dates? 

If you do not have a lawyer or if you have a lawyer but are still doubtful about whether you are released from appearing court, always appear at every scheduled date. It is inconvenient to appear in court and to take time off work, but missing work and traveling to court are not nearly as inconvenient as sitting in jail without a bond because you have missed court. 

That being said, nearly every client that we represent is excused from appearing at their initial court date following being released from jail on bond. From there, most DUI cases proceed to a motions hearing and trial. You must appear (unless specifically released from appearance) at all motions hearings and trial dates. 

If you have a lawyer, you are not required to appear at the ALS hearing. 

What happens after the arraignment in a DUI case? 

Generally, in Macon, the process after the arraignment in your DUI follows this order: 

  • File motions to suppress/motions in limine/demurrers within 10 days from the date of arraignment;
  • Schedule the case for a motions hearing; 
  • Argue motions in your DUI case; and 
  • Bench/jury trial. 

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