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Negotiating medical bills is a really important part of your personal injury or car accident case

Anything that your lawyer can do to provide you with a greater recovery should generally be done. There are some limits to that: sometimes our clients tell us that they would rather receive a recovery sooner rather than later, and they may accept a lesser amount of recovery in order to receive funds earlier. That is a logical decision and, while I may disagree with it from time to time, that is a decision that my clients make. However, there are some things that a lawyer can do that will take very little time but can result in significantly greater recovery in a case. Negotiating the amount of outstanding medical expenses that will be paid from a settlement is exactly one of those things that create real value for a client. This video discusses the value that is created through negotiating medical bills. 

Below is a sample medical bill reduction request letter:

[Medical Provider]

Attn: _________________


         Re:     Your Client:          

My Client:  


                  Event Number:      

Dear Ms. ___________:

         I am writing to request a reduction of the ______________’s outstanding bill in the above-referenced matter. The at-fault driver’s insurer, __________, has paid $________.00 to resolve the claims against their insured by __________.

         Including your client’s bill, Mr. _________ owes approximately $_________ in medical expenses arising from this accident. He owes $_____.00 to __________, $______ to ___________, and $______ to ___________.  

I am requesting a reduction of Mr. ________’s bill to $_____.00.

         Mr. ___________ agreed to pay attorney fees of 33%.

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