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Macon Collision Causes Chain Reaction of Accidents

In Macon, GA, right before 6 PM, Samuel Fields, collided with a Honda CRV, enabling a chain reaction of accidents  involving a traffic light pole and a fire hydrant.

Fields was headed southbound in his Ford Expedition on Pierce Avenue as he began to cross the road’s center line. From there, the Expedition hit a Honda CRV, driven by David Dante, as the Honda was turning onto Pierce Avenue from Vineville. The Expedition then proceeded to not only knock over a traffic light pole at the corner, but the SUV also hit a fire hydrant in the process.

Due to the car’s impact, the fire hydrant detached itself from the ground, sending it onto the road. A Mitsubishi Fuso then ran over the fire hydrant, causing damage to George Kitchen’s Mitsubishi. As Kitchen’s collision was occurring, Fields’ Expedition hit a Chevy Silverado after hitting the fire hydrant.

Fields and the one passenger in his SUV were both sent the Navicent Health Medical Center in order to be check for their injuries in the multiple collisions. Fields ended up being cited for reckless driving.

The multiple accidents caused a lot of traffic on Vineville Avenue due to the damaged traffic light pole. Hitting the traffic light pole caused malfunctions and power problems for the multi-direction traffic lights on Vineville’s “suicide lane”. Cars were forced to detour for hours at a time because the traffic light at the Pio Nono and Pierce Avenue were no longer working. Repairs were made to the traffic lights overnight.

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Sources: Liz Fabian


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