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Be skeptical about lawyers referring you to specific medical care providers after a car accident.

One of the things that you need to be really skeptical about as you’re talking to lawyers about your personal injury case and the type of treatment that you should be receiving following your accident are lawyers that are referring you to a particular doctor or chiropractor could be compromising the value of your case. Because later on in your case, what you’re going to figure out is that your insurance company will be evaluating your treatment and whether or not your treatment was actually reasonable and necessary.

How does a referral relationship between an insurer and a car provider affect the value of your case?

If an insurance company recognizes there’s a relationship between a certain doctor or chiropractor or any other care providers, and your lawyer, they’re going to be much more skeptical about your treatment. They’re going to look at that as though you were simply trying to run up medical bills, run up your treatment, in order to recover more money. And that may ultimately be their theory of defense as or actually denying or trying to diminish the value of your claim. If you have questions about your treatment or about your personal injury cases, please feel free to call me. My name is Ben Sessions, my office number is 478-254-2665 and 470-225-7710. Again,478-254-2665 and 470-225-7710, thank you.

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