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Alpharetta DUI Defense

What I would like to do in this video is discuss with you the process that most cases take in the Alpharetta Municipal Court. If you’ve been arrested on DUI in Alpharetta, most likely your case will follow a pretty set routine that most of our cases do. First, you’ll have an arraignment date, at the arraignment date, if you hired a lawyer that knows what’s going on in that court, you will not need to appear at that date. After the arraignment date we will begin our investigations in the case, that is we will collect the incident reports, the calibration records for breath test machine, video tapes, all of the evidence that we believe might be relevant to the development of defense in your case, we will obtain at that point in time. And you want to act early in order to obtain that evidence of that certain, for example jail videos are recorded over and become unavailable to you later on.

After that point in time, after we begin the investigation, you’ll probably be scheduled for an administrator license suspension hearing. That’s a hearing where the office in your case attempts to suspend your driver’s license, as a result of you submitted to a breath test that is above the legal limit, or a refusal to submit to the requested blood, breath, and urine tests. After that hearing, you will most likely be scheduled for what’s called a pretrial conference, that is again a date that I will appear on your behalf, if you retain my services. And I will attempt to negotiate a resolution that is agreeable to you to resolve the case in Alpharetta Municipal Court. If I can’t negotiate a plea that is favorable to you, and agreeable to you with Alpharetta Municipal Court, I will then transfer the case from Alpharetta to Fulton County State Court through a process of that’s called bonding case error.

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