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What is the impact of medical expenses on your injury case?

One of the questions that people frequently ask me is how is it that their medical expenses actually factor into the value of their personal injury case. What I would like for you to do if you’re in the situation is focus on the actual quality of care that you’re receiving, don’t worry about the numbers necessarily. What I’d like you to focus on is getting the best treatment that you can from the most qualified medical person professionals that you can find. Follow the course of treatment very, very, originally, that they recommend for you. Don’t deviate from that treatment. Follow that, take care of yourself, get better, and the value of the case will increase along with that.

As long as you’re doing the things that you should do on your end in terms of getting better, getting to feeling better, making a recovery as well as you can, and following the course of treatment that the doctors recommend for you. From well qualified doctors, the most qualified doctors that you can find. That will really help the value of your case in the long term. So, don’t worry necessarily about the amount of money that you’re going to recover based on the treatment that you may or may not get. Instead, focus on getting better, focus on getting the best treatment that you can.

I believe that long term, you’ll get the value out of the case that you should. If you have any questions about your case, please feel free to call me. My name is Ben Sessions, my office number is 470-225-7710 and 478-254-2665. Again,470-225-7710 and 478-254-2665, thank you.

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